AIDS meaning in Hindi

AIDS    ({noun})एड्स
to aid    ({v.t.})सहारा देना|मदद करना|सहायता करना
aid    ({noun})सहायता|मददगार|सहायक|मदद|सहारा|पालन|रक्षा

Translations & Examples

AIDS    एड्स
to aid    (also: to second)मदद करना
to aid    (also: to help, to protect, to speed, to succour, to support, to prompt, to relieve, to serve, to succor, to uphold)सहायता करना
aid    (also: helper, promoter)मददगार
aid    (also: accessory, adherent, assistant, auxiliary, complement, deputy, friend, helper, patron, promoter)सहायक
aid    (also: furtherance, help, succor, succour)मदद
aid    (also: assistance, bolster, crutch, dependence, favor, favour, ground, help, incumbency, peg)सहारा
aid    (also: discharge, patronage, preservation)पालन
aid    (also: advocacy, care, charge, conservancy, custody, defence, guard, keeping, look-out, outlook)रक्षा

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