abandonment meaning in Hindi

abandonment    ({noun})सम्पूर्ण आत्मोत्सर्ग|बिल्कुल छोड देना|पूर्ण त्याग
abandoned    ({adj.})आवारा|छोडा हुआ|इन्द्रिय लोलुप|लम्पट|निर्जन|बिगडा हुआ|दुराचारी
to abandon    ({v.t.})त्याग देना|दे देना|छोड देना|तजना|त्यागना|बिना आज्ञा नौकरी छोडना|अपने को (दुराचार आदि में) छोड देना

Translations & Examples

abandonment    सम्पूर्ण आत्मोत्सर्ग
abandonment    बिल्कुल छोड देना
abandonment    पूर्ण त्याग
abandoned    (also: saving)छोडा हुआ
abandoned    इन्द्रिय लोलुप
abandoned    (also: impure, lascivious)लम्पट
abandoned    निर्जन
abandoned    (also: old, rusty, undone)बिगडा हुआ
abandoned    (also: devilish, felonious, immoral, irregular, lewd, loose, unprincipled)दुराचारी
to abandon    (also: to transfer, to disgorge, to dispose, to permit, to resign, to devote)दे देना
to abandon    (also: to release, to unbridle, to acquit, to eliminate, to enlarge, to exempt, to fail, to forgive, to ignore, to liberate)छोड देना
to abandon    (also: to quit, to relinquish)तजना
to abandon    (also: to eschew, to quit, to renounce, to discard, to relinquish)त्यागना
to abandon    बिना आज्ञा नौकरी छोडना
to abandon    अपने को (दुराचार आदि में) छोड देना

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