according meaning in Hindi

according    ({adj.})समान|मिलता हुआ|अनुसार|अनुरूप
to accord    ({v.t.})एकचित करना|देना|मनाना|प्रदान करना|मिलाना|बराबर करना
to accord    ({v.i.})एकचित्त होना|मिलना|सुर मिलना
accord    ({noun})एकदिली|एकचित्तता|मेल
accordance    ({noun})अनुसार|अनुरूपता

Translations & Examples

according    (also: coincident, compatible, convertible, harmonious, identical, level, like, parallel, same, similar)समान
according    (also: coincident)मिलता हुआ
to accord    (also: to administer, to give, to grant, to invest, to lend, to present, to set, to accommodate, to bestow, to deliver)देना
to accord    (also: to observe, to pacify)मनाना
to accord    (also: to deliver, to demise, to promise)प्रदान करना
to accord    (also: to adjoin, to adjust, to alloy, to answer, to blend, to bridge, to fuse, to join, to jumble, to mingle)मिलाना
to accord    (also: to balance, to level, to match, to equalize, to proportionate, to even, to plain)बराबर करना
to accord    एकचित्त होना
to accord    (also: to harmonize, to merge, to mix, to agree, to club, to congregate, to get, to combine, to blend, to coalesce)मिलना
to accord    सुर मिलना
accord    (also: concurrence, unanimity)एकचित्तता
accord    (also: accordance, adaptation, alliance, amalgamation, annexation, association, blend, bond, coalition, coincidence)मेल
accordance    (also: coincidence, conformity, consistency, correspondence, fitness, harmony)अनुरूपता

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