artifice meaning in Hindi

artifice    ({noun})फरेब|चालाकी|शिल्पकार|धोखा|छल|उपाय
artificer    ({noun})शिल्पी|कारीगर|शिल्पकार

Translations & Examples

artifice    (also: ruse, seduction, shift)फरेब
artifice    (also: alacrity, cleverness, craft, device, ingenuity, knack, maneuver, manoeuvre, prank, rig)चालाकी
artifice    (also: artificer, craftsman, manufacturer)शिल्पकार
artifice    धोखा
artifice    (also: chicanery, craft, deceit, deception, double, duplicity, evasion, fraud, gammon, hoax)छल
artifice    (also: appliance, boot, cure, design, device, machination, move, plan, projection, recourse)उपाय
artificer    (also: adept, artisan, craftsman, maker, manufacturer, mechanic, operative, workman, wright)कारीगर
artificer    (also: artifice, craftsman, manufacturer)शिल्पकार

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