biting meaning in Hindi

biting    ({adj.})कटु|चुभती हुई|पीडा कर|तेज|तीक्ष्ण
to bite    ({v.t.})कुतरना|पकड लेना|दांत से काटना|थामना|दुख देना|डंक मारना

Translations & Examples

biting    (also: acrid, pungent)कटु
biting    चुभती हुई
biting    पीडा कर
biting    (also: acute, agile, brisk, fast, hot, warm, fleet)तेज
biting    (also: acid, acrid, acute, austere, eager, penetrating, piercing, pungent, saucy, sharp)तीक्ष्ण
to bite    (also: to overtake, to possess)पकड लेना
to bite    (also: to gnaw)दांत से काटना
to bite    (also: to rein, to stanch, to grasp, to sustain, to take, to uphold)थामना
to bite    (also: to plague, to bully)दुख देना
to bite    (also: to nettle, to sting)डंक मारना

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