blend meaning in Hindi

blend    ({noun})मिश्रण|मेल
to blend    ({v.i.})मिलना
to blend    ({v.t.})मिलाना|मिश्रण करना|गडबड करना

Translations & Examples

blend    (also: amalgamation, combination, compound, mixture, motley)मिश्रण
blend    (also: accord, accordance, adaptation, alliance, amalgamation, annexation, association, bond, coalition, coincidence)मेल
to blend    (also: to adjoin, to adjust, to alloy, to answer, to bridge, to fuse, to join, to jumble, to mingle, to mix)मिलाना
to blend    मिश्रण करना
to blend    (also: to disorder, to jumble, to unsettle, to bungle, to muddle, to shuffle)गडबड करना

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