demand meaning in Hindi

demand    ({noun})चाह|पूछ|प्रश्न|मांग|प्रार्थना|तकाजा
to demand    ({v.t.})अपना कहना|मांगना|प्रश्न करना|पूछना

Translations & Examples

demand    (also: aspiration, attachment, avidity, courtship, disposition, expectation, fancy, inclination, liking, love)चाह
demand    पूछ
demand    (also: inquiry, interrogation, problem, query)प्रश्न
demand    (also: claim, reclamation, request, requirement, sale)मांग
demand    (also: boon, entreaty, intercession, invocation, petition, prayer, quest, request, solicitation, tender)प्रार्थना
demand    (also: dun, urgency)तकाजा
to demand    (also: to exact, to request, to implore, to require, to seek, to take, to solicit)मांगना
to demand    (also: to interrogate, to query, to question)प्रश्न करना
to demand    (also: to interrogate, to query, to question)पूछना

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