demonstration meaning in Hindi

demonstration    ({noun})दिखावा|प्रतिपादन|अभिव्यक्ति|प्रमाण|निरूपण|सिध्दि
to demonstrate    ({v.t.})बतलाना|दिखलाना|वर्णन करना|सिध्द करना|निरूपण करना|प्रमाणित करना

Translations & Examples

demonstration    (also: exposition, exposure, pageantry, show, vanity, vaunt)दिखावा
demonstration    (also: pleadings, presentation, restoration)प्रतिपादन
demonstration    (also: expression, statement, articlation)अभिव्यक्ति
demonstration    (also: aphorism, confirmation, evidence, measurement, paragon, probation, proof, quantity, rate, rule)प्रमाण
demonstration    (also: contrast, determination, observation, valuation)निरूपण
demonstration    सिध्दि
to demonstrate    (also: to set, to show, to display, to represent, to exhibit, to designate)दिखलाना
to demonstrate    (also: to aver, to interpret, to relate, to report, to signify, to tell, to treat, to declare, to define, to delineate)वर्णन करना
to demonstrate    सिध्द करना
to demonstrate    (also: to assign)निरूपण करना
to demonstrate    (also: to establish, to verify, to authenticate, to authorize, to legalize, to ratify, to sustain, to legalise, to subscribe)प्रमाणित करना

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