depravity meaning in Hindi

depravity    ({noun})दुष्टता|बुराई|भ्रष्टता|दुराचार|नीचता
to deprave    ({v.t.})बिगाडना|नष्ट करना

Translations & Examples

depravity    (also: evil, ill)दुष्टता
depravity    (also: aggravation, immorality, mischief, evil, ill)बुराई
depravity    (also: corruption, deterioration)भ्रष्टता
depravity    (also: immorality, irregularity, malpractice, maltreatment, misconduct, misdeed, misdemeanor, misdemeanour)दुराचार
depravity    (also: degeneration)नीचता
to deprave    (also: to blast, to demolish, to destroy, to devastate, to eat, to lose, to overturn, to prostrate, to quench, to ruin)नष्ट करना

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