drive meaning in Hindi

drive    ({noun})गाडी में भ्रमण|गाडी का पथ|मशीन
to drive    ({v.i.})गति से चलना
to drive    ({v.t.})चलाना|ढकेलना|हांकना|विवश करना

Translations & Examples

drive    गाडी में भ्रमण
drive    गाडी का पथ
drive    (also: machine)मशीन
to drive    (also: to administer, to fire, to flirt, to hasten, to level, to manage, to deal, to direct, to enforce, to run)चलाना
to drive    (also: to hustle, to impel, to jostle, to propel, to punch, to shove, to thrust, to lunge)ढकेलना
to drive    हांकना
to drive    (also: to enforce, to force, to put, to subject, to necessitate)विवश करना

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