ground meaning in Hindi

ground    ({noun})टेक|भूमि|पृथ्वी तल|भूतल|पृथ्वी|पृथ्वीतल का कोई भाग|भूमिखंड|मैदान|सहारा|आधार|कारण|बुनियाद
to ground    ({v.i.})टिक जाना|धरती से लग जाना
to ground    ({v.t.})स्थापित करना|धरती या आधार पर रखना|नींव डालना
to grind    ({v.i.})बहुत पढना|पिस जाना
to grind    ({v.t.})तेज करना

Translations & Examples

ground    (also: burden, fulcrum, hold, refrain, shore)टेक
ground    (also: clime, earth, fallow, land, soil, tenure, territory, world)भूमि
ground    पृथ्वी तल
ground    भूतल
ground    (also: earth, globe, land, world)पृथ्वी
ground    पृथ्वीतल का कोई भाग
ground    (also: province)भूमिखंड
ground    (also: area, croft, field, plain)मैदान
ground    (also: aid, assistance, bolster, crutch, dependence, favor, favour, help, incumbency, peg)सहारा
ground    (also: base, basis, bolster, bottom, carcass, footing, fulcrum, grounds, peg, prop)आधार
ground    (also: account, agency, cause, impulse, incentive, incitement, inducement, instrument, medium, motive)कारण
ground    (also: foundation)बुनियाद
to ground    धरती से लग जाना
to ground    (also: to establish, to open, to set, to institute, to settle, to build, to root)स्थापित करना
to ground    धरती या आधार पर रखना
to ground    (also: to establish, to found, to institute)नींव डालना
to grind    पिस जाना
to grind    (also: to edge)तेज करना

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