inspection meaning in Hindi

inspection    ({noun})परीक्षा|जांच|निगहबानी|निरीक्षण|परख|देखभाल
to inspect    ({v.t.})जांचना|परखना|भालना|निरीक्षण करना|देखना

Translations & Examples

inspection    (also: discussion, exam, examination, experience, experiment, inquiry, probation, pry, quest, scrutiny)परीक्षा
inspection    (also: account, criterion, estimate, examination, experiment, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, overhaul, retrospect)जांच
inspection    (also: keeping)निगहबानी
inspection    (also: examination, insight, oversight, pry, supervision, surveillance, survey, visit)निरीक्षण
inspection    (also: experiment, insight)परख
inspection    (also: care, supervision, visit, visitation)देखभाल
to inspect    (also: to assay, to bolt, to feel, to review, to sift, to tempt)परखना
to inspect    भालना
to inspect    (also: to overhaul, to visit, to oversee, to supervise)निरीक्षण करना
to inspect    (also: to eye, to perceive, to discern, to espy, to note, to notice, to observe, to search, to see, to survey)देखना

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