punch meaning in Hindi

punch    ({noun})छेनी|मुक्का|घूंसा|एक प्रकार की मदिरा|वर्मा|चीनी आदि का शरबत|मसखरा|भांड
to punch    ({v.t.})छेदना|ढकेलना|मारना
Punch    ({noun})एक कठपुतली का नाम

Translations & Examples

punch    छेनी
punch    मुक्का
punch    (also: blow, box, buffet, clout, fist)घूंसा
punch    (also: brandy, mum, porter, stout)एक प्रकार की मदिरा
punch    वर्मा
punch    चीनी आदि का शरबत
punch    (also: clown, harlequin, jester, joker, quiz, wag, zany)मसखरा
punch    (also: buffoon, clown, comedian, harlequin, jester, mimic, zany)भांड
to punch    (also: to drive, to hustle, to impel, to jostle, to propel, to shove, to thrust, to lunge)ढकेलना
to punch    (also: to bang, to beat, to fling, to hammer, to inflict, to knock, to rap, to trounce, to stifle, to dart)मारना

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