Practice 2 - Hindi Typing Test

Free Hindi typing test allows you to test your hindi typing skills. Each new test comes with a sellection of random words. After you complete you test it shoes you total time taken, typing speed, number of correct words and number of incorrect words. Using this tool you can enhance your hindi typing speed.

Hindi Typing Practice Tests

Tips for Typings

  • Exercise to enhance: As this application is free so that you may use this instrument to enhance your typing speed and precision.
  • Focus; This evaluation required you to possess great attention and that can be attained if you sit in a quiet place with No distractions
  • How To develop into a Guru Hindi Writer: To develop into a Guru Hindi author you want to concentrate on Reading looking at display for a moment. The button to the right and keep scanning .And by following that you definitely Became expert Hindi type author one day
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